Three months in

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Grüezi friends!

Time flies. It feels like just days ago I got my welcome package from the City of Zürich and started this blog, and now it’s three months later, I am deep into my integration and so many of you are talking to me and supporting me on a daily basis (thank you :))

For those who are thinking of moving to Switzerland, or are also new to the country, I don’t want to give the impression that it’s just paradise. It’s a beautiful, clean, functioning place with stunning nature (which I haven’t fully experienced yet) and livable cities (if Zürich is an example), people are friendly and the weather is mild. So far I love it here and I am happy, but this doesn’t mean there aren’t bumps on the road. Continue reading

Two months in

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Moving to a new country is like getting into a new relationship.

You start to spend time together. You slowly get to know each other. You have cool dates and also some awkward moments. When it’s fun, you try new things, when it’s tough, you try to compromise. And as time goes by, you figure out if there is enough magic for a long-term commitment.

Today is my two month anniversary with Zürich.

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A Swiss welcome


Here’s an unsexy topic that usually doesn’t get mentioned very often next to beautiful Instagram pictures: bureaucracy. When you move for the first time to a new place, you think about the city having job opportunities or being beautiful, you hope there are nice people and that somewhere close there is nice nature, perhaps you check if there are a lot of places to travel to nearby – but you rarely think “Oh, I hope the bureaucracy works well there”. No, that kind of wisdom only comes several international moves later.  Continue reading

First day in Zurich

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The very first time I stepped on Swiss soil was a warm Friday night in early July 2016. I had just flown in from Helsinki and the first thing I remember is a switch from crisp Northern air to hot and humid weather. I never associated Switzerland with heat, and my mind was confused because I thought I was going to a city but felt like I landed in a vacation destination.
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